One of the most exciting effects now accessible is projection mapping, and while many effects can get stale over time, this one has so many potential applications that we can continue to create new experiences with it for years to come. You may rely on us at Vantagevfx as the Top Projection Mapping Dubai to deliver your best marketing outcomes or a memorable event.

For ballroom occasions, event projection mapping can be utilized to illuminate a backdrop set that is entirely white. With each presentation, it is then possible to alter the imagery and tone. A single piece of art that acts as a reminder of where you are and why you are there can be placed in the foyer or ballroom and can combine local imagery with your brand logo. On any surface that encourages the unexpected, it can simply be “painted.” The only real determining element for where and when projection mapping can take place is ambient light.

With projection mapping, the set design and speaker support
Any event that incorporates video can have its surroundings altered using projection mapping. Each part of the conference can have a different aesthetic thanks to projections onto white surfaces. That’s an additional technique for keeping the audience’s attention on the stage rather than their devices.

Audience Engagement via Projection Mapping
The issue of audience engagement for multi-day meetings can also be solved uniquely through projection mapping. Planners and producers need to find ways to transform dull spreadsheets into smart, information-rich communication because audience attention spans are short. In addition to their Powerpoint presentations, pre-recorded video, lighting, and sound, we work with speakers to incorporate visual magnification from live cameras in the room.

Work with Vantagevfx to make the most powerful and captivating communications possible by utilizing technology.

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